We guarantee

1. application of the best solutions for the client in terms of prices, travel logistics, choice of carrier and route in terms of the price and length of journey, reservation of services that are the most appropriate in terms of prices and connections.

2. free travel advice.

3. adjustment of the reservations to the business travel policy of the company.

4. negotiation of special prices and travel conditions with the providers of services, such as airlines, hotels, car rental corporations.

5. If the conditions set by the carrier are met, additional benefits are granted by certain airlines:
      trilateral agreements with chosen airlines,
      special route rates,
      negotiated group rates.

6. search for the cheapest offers that meet the client's requirements, using
Amadeus Value Pricer - a program that finds the 4 least expensive offers on
a given route.

7. sale of NET Fare tickets.

8. search for the best indirect connections, that are usually much less expensive than direct, non-stop flights.

9. use of cross-ticketing in order to avoid being forced to buy full-fare tickets and business class on journeys that don't include a Sunday (going around the Sunday Rule).

10. to not take financial deposits when reserving plane tickets for groups, with some airlines.

11. to put individual reservations together into group reservations.

12. to put together reservations and flights to a desired airline/airlines in order to reach the levels required in trilateral agreements and get additional discounts.

13. free reservation and making changes at no additional charge.

14. no cancellation fee for airline tickets on the day of issue.

15. conditions and discounts for airline tickets apply for private trips of the client's employees and their families.

16. possibility to receive airline tickets outside of Poland. Such tickets can be sent by mail, messenger service, PTA (Prepaid Ticket Advice), issued in the city or airport of departure, issued as electronic ticket.

17. possibility to join a given airline's loyalty programme, if the client is a frequent flyer of this airline.

18. possibility to reserve a hotel that fits in a price range set by the client.

19. organization of conferences, staff training, integration and incentive trips.
The bureau is experienced in organizing trips by plane, ferry or bus for groups.
The above are sold for net fares set by the carriers. The client is presented with fully calculated costs and TravelBank negotiates the fares with the carriers and sets the mark-up with the client.

20. beneficial forms of payment based on net fares and the "open book" rule, applying moderate transaction fares or monthly flat rates for service.

21. updates on special deals and prices.

22. beneficial conditions and forms of payment.

23. reports on purchased services.

24. high standard of services, fast, efficient and friendly staff.

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